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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Together Brothers (1974)

Galveston Texas. There was a murdered police officer, and the only witness was a five-year-old boy who has been traumatized and struck mute by the experience. The boy's older brother is the leader of the Together Brothers, a gang of black and Chicano teens, and they vow to find the killer while also protecting the boy from retribution. 


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this little film (and its soundtrack). A lurid and gritty one-of-a-kind murder mystery. Some devastatingly authentic child performances and those locations. Let me say again -- those locations. No joke. Too bad neither film nor soundtrack caught on, because there really should've been sequels. Thanks again for remembering the forgotten. And still very relevant.

Anonymous said...

the link is down

Anonymous said...

Good film that should have gotten its due. I pray they put it on DVD.

Unknown said...

It's available on dvd at amazon from Fox Cinema Archives

Snowballfluffy said...

Why can't i see this for free on YouTube?

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