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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Super Fly T.N.T. (1973)


He's on vacation overseas. But no way can fast, flashy, fierce Priest stay out of the action long. Ron O'Neal returns as Priest and Alex Haley provides the script for the sequel to Superfly. We catch up up Priest in Rome, where the one-time crime-lord, weary of the hustling in Harlem operation and eager to get his head clear, is ready for some permanent R'n'R. He has no interest when an African freedom fighter (Roscoe Lee Browne) asks for his help on a gun-running mission. But Priest ultimately discovers he cannot turn his back on the land of his ancestors. He joins the fight. And when he's in a fight, it means war.


Anonymous said...

I posted Superfly TNT movie on youtube. If you feel you want to watch it.

d2o said...

All links for this post are unfortunately, dead...
Could you PLEASE repost this much-wanted Ron O'Neal classic? Really NEED this in my collection!
THANK YOU for making Blaxploitation Pride THE place to be!!!!

SelfScience said...


Link has been updated now. Please let me know if there are anymore problem. Thanks!

d2o said...

ROCK STAR!!!! Thank you for the updated links!!!!!

TheMaestroX said...

Im confused. what links are you referring to.
How do I find out to this site works?

SelfScience said...

Email me Maestro X

Anonymous said...

No link

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