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Friday, August 22, 2008

Five On The Black Hand Side (1973)


Fed up with patriarch Mr. John Henry Brooks Jr.’s (Leonard Jackson) tyrannical rule, Mrs. Brooks (Clarice Taylor) and the Brooks children — Booker T. Washington (D’Urville Martin), Gideon (Glynn Turman) and the soon-to-be-married Gail (Bonnie Banfield) are a family in revolt. But it’s the impending nuptials, along with fiancé Marvin’s (director Carl Franklin) insistence that the wedding be a traditional African ceremony that’s the catalyst for all the dramedy. Adding to the fun is Ja’Net Dubois as firebrand Stormy Monday. With a colorful assortment of eccentric friends and neighbors, and topics ranging from black identity to gender equality, you have “a real clean scene with a lot of laughter in between.”


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I saw this back in a theater back in the day, and have been wanting to check it out again.

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