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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Various Artist - The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979)

1. A Theme For L.A.'s Team
2. Magic Mona
3. Mighty Mighty Pisces
4. (Do it, Do it) No One Does It Better
5. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
6. Moses Theme
7. Chance Of A Lifetime
8. Follow Every Dream
9. Ragtime
10. It Is Love, Must Be Love
Appearing on many writers' Top Ten worst sports movies of all time, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh might have been an air ball at the box office, but the music for the movie is nothing but net. This fairly obscure album features music arranged and conducted by Thom Bell, with many guests appearing throughout. Fans of the Spinners, the Sylvers, and the Four Tops are treated to deep, rich, textured vocals as well as full funky instrumentation. "Moses Theme," sung by Frankie Bleu, showcases a laid-back '70s groove with an emotional string arrangement coupled with strong bass and percussion. The Four Tops' instantly singable "Chance of a Lifetime" features catchy lyrics that pop over a funk string hook and infectious rhythm. William Hart's falsetto vocals on "Follow Every Dream" serve as a smooth ride over more outstanding arrangements reminiscent of Bell's work with the Spinners. Other standout tracks include "(Do It, Do It) No One Does It Better," "Mighty Mighty Pisces," and the title song. It's a shame that only a limited quantity of "promotional only" records made it to stores in 1979, probably due to the poor attendance at movie theaters. This soundtrack is overlooked as a fitting addition to the soul masterpieces of the '70s, filled with hope, hard work, and dreams

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Anonymous said...

Can this be re-upped. no longer available. Been trying to find this for years

Anonymous said...

Holy S***!!! I didn't even know that this soundtrack even existed. This was one of the first movies that my bro and I saw back in 1979 when my parents first got cable put in. I always loved the music in the film, but I never that there was ever an official soundtrack released to it, even on vinyl, for that matter. Thanks for uploading this and sharing the the rest of us.

renee.A said...

nuff respect to you for this site man. love this film and this soundtrack. you are blessed for passing this on.

Anonymous said...

RS link is down but alt MF seems to work. thanks!

Tommy C said...

Hello. Would you please re-up The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh soundtrack? I heard a song from it recently (Frankie Bleu) and now I want to hear the rest of it.
I just found your site while looking for this soundtrack and I can see I'll be spending a lot of time here. Killer blog! So much great stuff. Incredible. You should be proud.

Unknown said...

what is the name of the song from the church scene when the Pastor is walking out with his uniform on under his robe...Love that song who sings it.....THANKS FOR THE BLOG

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