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Monday, May 19, 2008

Roy Budd - The Final Option (1982)

1. Welsh Mountains
2. Jenny's Theme
3. The Final Option
4. SAS Or Nothing
5. American Mutiny
6. Hi-Jack, Part II
7. A Smile You Can't Resist
8. Right On Time
9. Hi-Jack, Part I
10. Jenny's Theme, Part II
11. Catch Or Be Caught
12. Nature Of The Beast
13. Reds Under The Beds
This soundtrack to the cult British film 'Who Dares Wins' was only issued in the USA and Italy (as 'Commando - Who Dares Wins'). The film's opening sequence is a memorable one - helicopters, The Professionals' Lewis Collins, S.A.S. troops - and the music complements this perfectly. Strong, gritty and driving, with the distinctive Budd use of very deep electric bass notes. The majority of the soundtrack is less than interesting.


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