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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kenyon Hopkins - Mr. Buddwing (1966)

1. The bridge
2. Hard latin
3. Lunch room
4. Main title
5. Memory montage
6. Fiddler's walk
7. Mister bee
8. West side radio
9. Headache montage
10. R and B 12 (blues)
11. Mirror
12. 12/8 theme
Superb, swinging groovy jazz arrangements predominate on this Creed Taylor-produced soundtrack. Kenyon Hopkins obviously hit a streak of form with this one - the music sparkles and has real 'zip', the band is tight, you get everything from mellow loungecore female wordless vocal cuts to jazz waltzes to a lovely Jimmy Smith-style organ and trumpet groover. Top stuff and definitely not to be missed, daddio.


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