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Monday, May 19, 2008

Georges Garvarentz - They Came To Rob Las Vegas (1969)

1. Inspector Douglas' Trick
2. Last Trip Of The Truck
3. Attack Of The Truck
4. End Of The Attack
5. Effervescence
6. The Wordless Song
7. View On San Francisco
8. Chase In San Francisco
9. 'Cosa Nostra' From Mexico
10. In The Streets Of Las Vegas
11. Las Vegas Can Can
12. Ann And Tony
This cult soundtrack was only issued in the UK and features Georges Garvarentz on great groovy form. Very hard to find, but extremely rewarding. The film may have been a turkey but the album certainly isn't, fusing jazz and funk with a lush orchestral sound and a pop edge. The album contains two great funky numbers, "Attack Of The Truck" and the organ-driven "End Of The Truck".


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