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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Francis Lai - La Babysitter (1975)

1. La baby-sitter
2. Generique
3. L'enfant
4. Theme d'ann
5. Agresion
6. La baby-sitter
7. L'enfant et la peur
8. La baby-sitter
Here's an obscure French tip that few people know about. A hard-to-find Francis Lai score from a mid-70s thriller, this album finds Lai moving away from his lush arrangements into a small group, sparse setting in keeping with the film's sinister subject matter. Francophile music fans will start to sweat when they see the small session band lineup and recording studio: yes, it's Studios Davout, source of many killer French funk LPs. And as for the studio band, how about the superb bass player Jannick Top (ex-Magma) and incredible drummer Andre Ceccarelli (ex-Miles Davis)? Superlatives aside, there's a fantastic funk tune on here called 'Theme D'Ann' that is quite simply breathtaking. BUY THIS RECORD.


Andre B said...

i can see u been workin hard. keep up the great work.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

mmm, I am gonna downloading it. I like your descrption!
thanks for all!

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