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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle Nera [Black Emanuelle] (1976)

1. Emanuelle's theme
2. Skin in the wind
3. Black rhythm
4. Emanuelle's dreams
5. Sudden ride
6. Wild cry
7. Black emanuelle (voc: Bull Dog)
8. Samba safari
9. Hawaiian sand
10. Wild strength
11. Thoughtless
12. Unavoidable
13. Skin to skin
14. Emanuelle's theme

Blaxploitation.comWe're not entirely sure how the Black Emanuelle soundtrack (issued as Emanuelle Nera with a more explicit cover in Spain and Italy) was licensed for release through the USA disco label West End! Perhaps it's because there are quite a few chunky disco-funk tunes on here, so it's worth a spin. A kitsch mix of tongue-in-cheek male chant and percussion jams with cheesy sambas and tight choppy guitar funk cuts, it's certainly one of the better Italian Emanuelle scores and will work hard on any leftfield dancefloor.


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