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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Neal Hefti - The Odd Couple (1968)

1. The Odd Couple (voc)
2. Domestic quarrel (dialogue)
3. Metropole
4.Dirty poker (dialogue)
5. Tomatoes
6. Down with the lights
7. The Odd Couple (main title)
8. Clean poker (dialogue)
9. Man chases man (dialogue)
10. Curse of the cat
11. Oscar blows up (dialogue)
12. End title
The original motion picture score to the original funny double-act's best-loved movie? We like this record. Don't expect a wall-to-wall jazz or groovy score: it's not. It includes some very funny (and very sampler-friendly) dialogue from the movie, along with several reprises of the great loungey, mellow main theme. There's also one outstanding little groovy number, Metropole. As you'd expect from Hefti, the music is very jazzy, and uses a great harpsichord-style riff throughout, augmented by low tenor sax and some good organ in places. Very much a warm, enjoyable album with a sentimental twist. One for listening rather than playing out.


jayinches said...

Thanks. Surprised to see this - the main theme a catchy number & I have a great organ jazz version by Richard 'Groove' Holmes. I wanted to listen to the OST to see if included the latin soul band ( when Jack Lemmon's Felix goes to a club ) but only 8 of the tracks have downloaded? ;-(
Not sure why? Helpplease!? Thanjs again. Jay

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