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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mike Curb and Lawrence Brown - Mary Jane (1968)

1. Theme From Mary Jane
2. Ellie's Theme
3. The Fun Zone
4. Grass Party
5. Pursuit
6. Jerry's Theme
7. Bay City Boys
8. Gas Hassle
9. Theme For Mary Jane
10. Store Stealing
Usually when we see Mike Curb's name on a soundtrack, we run a mile. In this case we'd be way wrong, as it's a great groovy 60s soundtrack with plenty of variety, from massive drum breaks (Bay City Boys) to downtempo funky blues (Store Stealing) and plenty more besides. Pretty hard to find these days, and well worth a listen.


Anonymous said...

Incredible soundtrack!

I love the drums on "The Fun Zone".

If there is any chance to get this thing in an uncut version (it's just 1.30 here) please let me know.

pfefferhaus (at)

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