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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Association - Goodbye Columbus (1969)

1. Goodbye, Columbus [Vocal Version]
2. How Will I Know You?
3. Dartmouth? Dartmouth!
4. Goodbye, Columbus [Instrumental]
5. Ron's Reverie: Across the Field/Carmen Ohio
6. It's Gotta Be Real
7. Moment to Share
8. Love Has a Way
9. Time for Love
10. So Kind to Me (Brenda's Theme)

Blaxploitation.comRemember all those late 60s teen shows on the TV, in which the background music always has a snappy 60s pop feel, featured flute and wordless male vocals singing 'bab ba bab bab ba'? That's almost exactly what this collectable LP sounds like. Some good groovy numbers by The Association, some smooth instrumentals by Charles Fox and a couple of outstanding groovy mod dancefloor numbers like 'Dartmouth? Dartmouth!' and 'How will I know you?'. A consistent aand beat-filled 60s album.


Anonymous said...

Hi ! great blog , this album !!!!
wooow !! but ..what is .bad ?

Funkback said...

As it's stated in the FAQ on the left bad files ar really .rar files that are renamed so that they won't be som easy to recognize. This is a public page Y'all!

brainiac said...

WOW!! I've been looking for this album for MANY years!!

Thanks, Thanks a lot!!!

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