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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Roy Budd - The Marseille Contract (1974)

1. Main Theme [MC/M1]
2. MC/M2
3. MC/M3
4. Jazz It Up [MC/M4]
5. Theme [MC/M5]
6. MC/M6
7. MC/M7
8. Theme [MC/M8]
9. MC/M9
10. MC/M10
11. MC/M11
12. MC/M12
13. Theme [MC/M13]
14. MC/M14
15. Theme [MC/M15]
16. End Theme [MC/M16]
17. House Mix [MC/M17]
One of Roy Budd's hardest to find scores, this one was only issued on a 45 in France. The main theme is a midtempo, menacing orchestral theme without too much in the way of drums so it ain't that funky. Good for sampling though. The flip is an accordion piece. One for completists and samplers.


NIKOS said...

great!thank you

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