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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lalo Schifrin - Enter The Dragon (1973)

01 Prologue - The First Fight
02 Main Titles
03 Su Lin (The Monk)
04 Sampans And Flashbacks
05 Han's Island
06 The Banquet
07 Headset Jazz
08 The Gentle Softness
09 Into The Night
10 Goodbye Oharra
11 Bamboo Birdcage
12 Han's Cruelty
13 The Human Fly
14 The Big Battle
15 Broken Mirrors
16 End Titles
17 Main Titles (Alternate)
schifrin's entry into the mainstream blaxploitation idiom. A great soundtrack; one of the classic 1970's scores. The main theme features a screaming wah and kung-fu sound effects while the rest of the album showcases some fine oriental-style funk and guitar work. Check out "Sampans" and watch the film at the same time - the music becomes more funky when Jim Kelly appears on the screen!


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