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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Johnny Harris - Movements (1970)

1. Fragments Of Fear
2. Reprise
3. Stepping Stones
4. Something
5. Give Peace A Chance
6. Footprints On The Moon
7. Light My Fire
8. Wichita Lineman
9. Paint It Black
One-time Shirley Bassey arranger Johnny Harris presents two monstrous breakbeat funk tracks from the movie 'Fragments Of Fear' on this, the first of his two solo LPs. For those readers not familiar with the classic track 'Stepping Stones', just buy it. A danced-up remix was featured in a Levi's jeans 'kung fu' commercial a short while. The main theme to Fragments Of Fear is a slower, big beat funk track with a great riff. Other tracks on the album feature the same huge rhythm section, as do Shirley Bassey's early 1970s albums on UA: they are well worth a listen, although much more 'lounge' in style and content. This album contains some INDISPENSIBLE soundtrack funk. Do NOT overlook it. Incidentally, does anyone know what Johnny Harris is doing now? We'd love to hear?


Unknown said...

Awesome!!! I've been looking for this soundtrack for *years.* "Stepping Stones" just might be my favorite piece of soundtrack music. Thanks!!!!

Malibu said...

I've bought this soundtrack a couple of years ago.

To listen to the "Sight & Sound" version of "Fragment of Fear",more dope then original.
You can find the Sight & Sound's version on the Mighty Mellow compilation - A Psycho Funk Resurrection! the Sequel.

Stay Funk & Psych

Malibu said...
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Unknown said...

this is a beautiful album. thank you to all who find the time to give such gifts.

it is sincerely appreciated.

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