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Thursday, March 6, 2008

John Barry - Game of Death (1978)

01. Main Title / Set Fight With Chuck Norris (03:42)
02. Will This Be The Song I'll Be Singing Tomorrow (02:22) Instrumental
03. Three Motorcycles / Stick Fight With Santo (03:59)
04. Billy's Funeral Dirge (02:59)
05. Garden Fight (02:48)
06. Billy And Ann's Love Theme (02:37)
07. The Big Motorcycle Fight (05:45)
08. Goodbye Dr. Land (01:57)
09. Will This Be The Song I'll Be Singing Tomorrow (02:21)
10. Game Of Death End Title (02:45)
11. Stick Fight (With Sound Effects) / Main Title (06:14)

Japanese soundtrack to '78 film starring Bruce Lee.


James said...

Thank you thank you for this soundtrack!

nikos said...

great soundrack.thank you

Anonymous said...

where can i download it for free ???

huggy bear said...

Anonymous - you're a fucking tard!

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