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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Barry DeVorzon - The Warriors (1979)

1. Theme from The Warriors - Barry de Vorzon
2. Nowhere to Run - Arnold McCuller
3. In Havana - Ismael Miranda, Kenny Vance, Kenny Vance
4. Echoes in My Mind - Mandrill
5. Fight - Barry de Vorzon
6. In the City - Joe Walsh
7. Love Is a Fire - Genya Ravan
8. Baseball Furies Chase - Barry de Vorzon
9. You're Movin' Too Slow - John Vastano
10. Last of an Ancient Breed - Desmond Child
Barry DeVorzon enlisted the help of Mandrill amongst others for the soundtrack to a gritty street gang movie from 1979. Expect a rocked-up, late 70s funk score with big analogue synth over the top of a mix of latin and rock grooves. The album features several poor vocal numbers but contains a good instrumental theme, driving and insistent. Many of the other tracks are sparse, guitar-led late 70s funk with strong bass. The main theme's melody is reprised throughout the score.


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