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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quincy Jones - The Italian Job (1969)

1. On Days Like These (Matt Monro, vocal)
2. Something's Cookin'
3. Hello Mrs. Beckerman!
4. Britannia - and Mr. Bridger - If You Please
5. Trouble For Charlie
6. On Days Like These (Peter King - Sax Solo)
7. It's Caper Time - The Italian Job (vocal)
8. Meanwhile, Back At The Mafia
9. Smell That Gold
10. Greensleeves And All That Jazz
11. Get A Bloomin' Move On! - The Italian Job (vocal)
The classic soundtrack to the cult film featuring Michael Caine and Noel Coward on top form. Quincy Jones plays with jazz, 60's pop, easy listening and funk in a mixed-up, joyful score tinged with darker moments. British ears will know "Getta Bloomin' Move On", source of the 'Self Preservation Society' lyric, while funk fans will pick out the great instrumental "Caper Time".


Isbum said...

@ SelfScience - THXjay & I are looking for good size scans of this Lp cover, front and back.

If you or anybody owns a copy & can scan it, please drop me an email at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing but the film version of "On Days Like These" is different than the one on this LP. Anybody knows where I can find it?


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