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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ed Bogas - Black Girl (1972)

1. Black Girl (sung by Betty Everett)
2. B.J.'s Step
3. Get Me To The Bridge (sung by Rodger Collins)
4. Mother's Day Song | Power (trumpet solo: John Hunt)
5. Mother's Day Song II
6. Black Girl Cue (saxophone by Sonny Stitt)
7. No World For Dreamers
8. I Am Your Mailman (sung by Rodger Collins)
9. What It Is
10. Earl (Still A Pearl)
11. Chock-lite Puddin (organ solo by Merl Saunders)
12. Black Girl Cue II
13. Chock-lite Puddin' Cue
14. Sister
Once again Fantasy called on their regular artists Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin to put together a soundtrack to a movie that received good reviews from the white critics of the time. The music has a happy feel, an exuberance which is obviously present in the film. It's mainly instrumental and of a high standard, featuring big name jazz players of the 70's. Look out particularly for "B.J's Step".


Anonymous said...

where can I buy Black Girl (1972)???

Mr. Wone said...

These rare soundtracks could be found sold for an arm and a leg on auction sites or collectors selling at trade shows and the like.

Anonymous said...

i have this movie its in excellent condtion for some reason ossie davis did not want to relese it out

silky1 said...

actually,you should check Amazon or Dusty Groove, cause this was released like two years ago, on Fantasy/BGP records. I own the cd, if you need a dub of it.

Simon666 said...

This is great, thanks SelfScience!

SelfScience said...

Your welcome Simon

kapuchinsky said...


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