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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vic Caesar - Bare Knuckles (1977)

1. Bare Knuckles
2. Shake Down
3. Loving You
4. Gonna Getcha
5. Essex Exit
6. Charing Cross
7. Loving You Too
8. L.A. Montage
9. Bare Knuckles Blues
10 .Zach's Pad
11. The End Of You
A classic, and very rare, special pressing soundtrack from an obscure martial arts B-movie. The music is mainly instrumental, small-group funk with heavy wah guitar and keyboards. A very strong funk album with a diverse range of musical influences. Check out 'L.A. Montage' for the very best in slowburn latin funk!

Movie Review
Bare Knuckles (1977)


Anonymous said...


chronwell said...

Just saw this flick on OnDemand! The soundtrack was wasy better than the movie. Thanx 4 keepin funky!

Unknown said...

It's an amazing soundtrack. The movie is terrible in a "so bad it's good... waitaminute, no this is awful!" kind of way. This music is, however, just plain good!!!

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