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Friday, January 11, 2008

Serge Gainsbourg - Madame Claude (1977)

1. Diapositivisme
2. Discophoteque
3. Mi Corasong
4. Ketchup In The Night
5. Fish-Eye Blues
6. Teleobjectivisme
7. Putain Que Ma Joie Demeure
8. Burnt Island
9. Yesterday, Yes A Day (voc: Jane Burkin)
10. Dusty Lane
11. First Class Dinner
12. Long Focal Rock
13. Arabysance
14. Passage A Tabacco
15. Yesterday On Fender
Gainsbourg was the original enfant terrible of French pop. His work has recently started to gain a wider profile outside of Europe, where he's always been up there with the best, particularly the magnificent 'Histoire De Melody Nelson' concept LP. For years way ahead of his time, Gainsbourg was experimenting with wicked oddball funk and easy grooves fused with a completely novel approach to lyrics. His bands often featured big name UK players from the KPM stable, and were always tight and funky. This LP is one of his very best funk soundtracks - it's killer late 70s, tight funk all through. Gainsbourg parodies the disco feel but makes it so damn funky it's unrecognisable. Electric piano, choppy guitar, slap/pluck bass, tight drums, wicked tunes. Mostly instrumental, this album is a superb funk soundtrack that, for our money, rates with Hanged Man and Coffy for sheer funk.


beatnik said...

Hi there, it was on time a valid link for this Gainsbourg! But... How it works? It's a ".bad" file (???).

beatnik said...

OK, I got it. Just renaming to rar. Thank U.

Mytestblog said...
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gkontax said...

Thanks. After Mme. Claude, I think I need to DL this one, too. ;-)

Heinz Zweidrei said...

Could you re-up the file? Peace

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