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Friday, January 18, 2008

Sanford and Son [First Season] (1972)


  • Red Foxx
  • Demond Wilson

Episode Guide

Red Foxx is just simply hilarious. I watch this guy all the time and none of his shows get old to me.
One of television's all-time classic sitcoms, the Norman Lear-produced "Sanford and Son" debuted just three days after the one-year anniversary of Lear's fabulously successful, "All in the Family." Fred Sanford is a cantankerous 65-year-old, black, widowed junk dealer living in Los Angeles' Watts neighborhood. Helping him is his restless son, 34-year-old Lamont; Fred's beloved wife and Lamont's mother, Elizabeth, had died more than 20 years earlier. Fred's schemes and bigotry especially toward Julio, a Puerto Rican who was Lamont's friend, whites and other minorities often frustrated Lamont. Fred also showed overt disdain for his sister-in-law, Aunt Esther (the feeling was mutual). Many times, Lamont threatened to leave for meaningful work, but Fred faked a heart attack each time ("Oh, this time its real, I'm a-comin' 'Lizabeth!") as a sympathy ploy to get his son to stay. By 1977, Fred and Lamont had sold their business (stars Foxx and Wilson wanted to leave the series); it became the Sanford Arms, a rooming house. The show continued as the short-lived "Sanford Arms" (without Foxx or Wilson); it was revived in 1980 on CBS as "Sanford" (starring Foxx and without Wilson).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! I used to watch it in my childhood in the early 80's (that's when it was broadcasted down here in Italy). Redd Foxx is still amazing to me!

I got the first 4 seasons, but I don't understand which kind of files they are... tried with winrar, hjsplit or directly on vlc, but it doesn't seem to work in any way. Can anybody please help me?

Keep up the great work!

Giulio, Rome

SelfScience said...

add .rar to the end of the files

Giulio said...


Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

FYI,it's on Megaupload and can't be downloaded anymore. Just thought I'd tell you in case you want to re-up it one of these days.

Thanks for trying though. And thanks for the outstanding site!

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