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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Les Baxter - Hell's Bells (1969)

1. Wheels
2. Hell's Belles
3. Soul Groove
4. Dan's Theme
5. Hot Wind
6. Take It From Me
7. Chain Fight
8. Travelin' Man
9. Dan Again
10. Hogin' Machine
11. Scoobee Doo
12. Goin' Home
Les Baxter, composer of many an odd album, scored this biker chick exploitation movie from the American International (who else?) stable. The original soundtrack is very rare and invariably expensive, but what a great funk score! Almost every track is backed up by a huge breakbeat, mad percussion, a huge clanking sixties bassline and a whirling organ sound. Don't miss this album if you see enjoy a beaty, easy listening feel to your funk. This soundtrack's killer track is the breakbeat classic 'Hot Wind'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - had to check it after your description!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your blog.

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