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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

J.J. Johnson - Willie Dynamite (1974)

1. Willie D (Vocal: Martha Reeves & The Sweet Things)
2. Willie Chase (instr.)
3. King Midas (Vocal: Martha Reeves & The Sweet Things)
4. Willie Escapes (instr.) | Passion's Dilemma (instr.)
5. Keep On Movin' On (Vocal: Martha Reeves & The Sweet Things)
6. Make It Right (Harmonica Solo By Tom Morgan)
7. Parade Strut (instr.)
8. Gospel Family (Keyboard Solos By Pete Jolly & Ian Underwood)
9. Willie D (Vocal: Martha Reeves & The Sweet Things)
Probably J.J. Johnson's finest soundtrack, and very hard to find. Superb, big band funk with the great vocals of Martha Reeves featured on several tracks. The instrumentals are the gems of this album, with strong breakbeats and driving percussion. Particularly noteworthy are "Willie Escapes", "Parade Strut", and a storming main theme.


Simon666 said...

Hey guys,
I've done a fresh vinyl rip of this in WAV and 320 MP3, also done a bit of a survey of his soundtrack work with lots of links back to Blax Pride, check it here

Anonymous said...

The drums on Parade Strut are stupid!

Unknown said...

The drums on Parade Strut have bneen sampled on Massive Attack's UNFINISHED SYMPATHY and many more, i am looking for this sounds for years !
thanks !

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