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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Dells - No Way Back (1976)

1. West Virginia symphony
2. When does the lovin' start
3. I'll make you my girl | Life is the time
4. Ain't no black and white in music
5. No way back (from No Way Back)
6. Too late for love (from No Way Back)
7. You're the greatest
8. Adventure (from No Way Back)
9. I'll try again
10. Slow motion
One of the lesser-known blaxploitation scores, this album features three tracks from the Fred Williamson (as Jesse Crowder) movie No Way Back. Leaving the rest of the album aside (which is pretty good in a late 70s funk with a heavy dose of harmony soul way), the blax cuts on here are good. A nice hard funk theme with a heavy bassline and persistent riff start the second side, then a straightforward soulful love theme, and finally a great funky instrumental to finish the selection. Smooth mid-late 70s funk in style, but with a hard edge that's well worth exploring.


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