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Monday, January 21, 2008

Barry White - Together Brothers (1974)

1. Somebody Is Gonna Off The Man
2. So Nice To Hear
3. Alive And Well
4. Find The Man Bros.
5. You Gotta Case
6. Killer's Lullaby
7. Theme From Together Brothers
8. Getaway
9. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (Instr.)
10. Somebody's Gonna Off The Man (Instr.)
11. The Rip
12. Stick Up
13. Dreamin'
14. Killer's Back
15. Do Drop In
16. Killer Don't Do It
17. Here Comes The Man
18. Dream On
19. Honey, Please Can't Ya See
20. Can't Seem To Find Him
21. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today
One of the more readily available and cheap blaxploitation albums, this should not be overlooked. Barry White, Love Unlimited and the Love Unlimited Orchestra really turn up the funk on a strong album featuring many short, stripped-down funk instrumentals and several larger-scale vocal numbers. Well worth the cheap asking price.


jeffmerch said...

Tsk. The Quad City DJs totally ripped off (or sampled, whichever you prefer) the Theme From Together Brothers for C'mon N' Ride It.

This is a great soundtrack. My parents are big Barry White fans but I am sure that they have never heard this because of the simple fact that it is a soundtrack. I'll have to rip them a CD and see what they think. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-up the link?

SelfScience said...

it works for me.

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