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Friday, January 11, 2008

Alan Tew - The Hanged Man (1975)

1. Contract Man
2. G.B.H.
3. Road Runner
4. The Heist
5. Duluth Blues
6. The Spic
7. Hanged Man
8. Blue Panther
9. Killer Hill
10. Smokey Joe The Dreamer
11. Gentle In The Night
12. The Peterman
13. Funky Bear
14. Hanged Man
A classic British-only funk soundtrack taken from a 1975 Yorkshire TV series. The music is composed by sound library favourite Alan Tew and played by a very tight, small studio funk band calling themselves 'Bullet' for this LP. An all-instrumental mix of up-tempo and slower tracks, many feature superb Moog and analogue keyboard sounds layered over wah guitar and a strong breakbeat.


Beat Thief said...

nice post bro, been lookin far n low for this...

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