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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hostage (1986)

Businessman Ben is an upstanding citizen happily in a comitted relationship to his wife Thuli. So when Bra Jack and his two underlings, Jabu and Thabi, decide to blackmail Ben in the hopes of using one of his warehouses in the harbour to store a shipment of drugs coming in soon, Ben refuses to cooperate. But the situation complicates when the crooks kidnap Ben's beloved Thuli. Our hero turns to his friend, Michael, and together they hatch a daring rescue plan with thrilling results.

This Rebel Breed [a.k.a. The Black Rebels] (1960)

Two white detectives go undercover to investigate the rampant drug abuse among high school teenagers. Frank Serano (Mark Damon) goes undercover as a half-Mexican and half-Black student who befriends Lola Montalvo (Rita Moreno) who is Mexican. Teenage punks slice and dice each other, turn innocent young girls into sleazy tramps, threaten innocent citizens, get involved in interracial romance, and sell drugs to local citizens. This film also features Al Freeman Jr. who is part of the gang called The Ebonies. This films seems to focus on multiple storylines, hence why there are multiple titles. This is a highly exploitative and racially driven film.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Stony Island (1978)


STONY ISLAND tells the story of Richie Bloom (Richie Davis), the only white kid on the block, as he forms an R&B band with his best friend, Kevin (Edward Stoney Robinson). With the help of their mentor, aging sax legend Percy (Gene Daddy G Barge), they pull together a funky supergroup. Despite few resources and heavy losses this resilient group of dedicated musicians, armed only with wit, sleight of hand and outrageous Chicago bravado must come together to finally make their smash debut.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Boxer (1980)


Phumlani, a young and ambitious boxer trained by Ta Max, has a big fight coming up when fate deals him a bad turn and he is tragically left paralyzed in a wheelchair after a random freak accident The young man soon spirals into a state of depression, having lost all his will to live as a cripple. Soon after, a number of gangsters break into his home and rape his beautiful and loving wife, Judith.

Determined not to let the thugs get away with this, Phumlani discovers a new-found purpose, and returning to physiotherapy, the boxer learns to walk once more. Slowly but surely, he starts training, getting back into peak physical condition in order to fight the match he originally had lined up, and in so doing discovers it was his coach, Ta Max, that sent the gangsters to his home in the first place.
Fighting fit and strong once more, Phumlani sets out to even the score with his trainer.

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