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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Miss Melody Jones (1972)


  • Philomena Nowlin
  • Peter Jacob
  • Ronald Warden
  • Jacqueline Dalya
  • Garth Howard
I had to see this film based on other comments I'd heard about it. I happen to be a huge "blaxploitation" nut, but this was too much. Probably one of the most useless films ever made. Does this mean you shouldn't see it? No!! Absolutely see this movie. It's so bad it's genius! There is no way that there is another African American film of the 1970's that can compare to this one...that is for sure! Also the girl who plays the lead role.....she should totally be brought back into film. I hope Quentin Tarrantino brings her back into one of his films, that would be so awesome. She is one of a kind and quite frankly GREAT in this role about a nice girl dealing with a "cry tough" town!


Anonymous said...

LMFAO! Been looking for this one for a good few months. Saw a youtube clip and yes it's pretty horrible that I have to DL it. Thanks.

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