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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet Jesus, Preacher Man (1973)


  • Roger E. Mosley
  • William Smith
  • Michael Pataki
  • Tom Johnigarn
"Sweet Jesus,Preacher Man" was one of those blaxploitation movies that really didn't make any sense at times due to low budget action not to mention some of the worse dialogue ever heard. The film stars none other than Roger E. Mosley(who was in a lot of these blaxploitation films including the all-time classic "The Mack" starring Max Julian,which was released that same year as this film. Mosley was better known for starring opposite Tom Selleck in the classic television 1980's series "Mangum,P.I.")who portrays a hit man who poses as a Baptist preacher in a ghetto church(somewhere located in South Central Los Angeles,aka Watts)who takes over the rackets and the operations. William Smith(another actor for starring in several blaxploitation flicks)plays his boss Martelli. However,Mosley's character has been double-crossed and sets out to eliminated the competition including his boss,who tries to rip him off. The acting in this piece is horrible since this film was released in 1973,the same year what you may called "the era of Soul Cinema". The films that were released that year were "Coffy","The Mack","That Man Bolt","Hell Up In Harlem","Scream Blacula,Scream!","Hit Man","Trick Baby","Shaft In Africa","Cleopatra Jones",and this movie. "Sweet Jesus,Preacher Man" if you wanted to know was produced by MGM,the same company that was behind a lot of blaxploitation cinema including the "Shaft" movies when it was released in 1973.


Goldie said...

Link Down

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Crankenstien said...

I just read this review in badazz mofo and it's one the most hated. HAHA

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to the movie?

blackjstarr said...

I'm a fan of julian!!

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