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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Man & Boy (1971)


  • Bill Cosby
  • Gloria Foster
  • Leif Erickson
  • George Spell
  • Yaphet Kotto
I find that it is very important that the American Society will continue to show these types of films where Black men are the leading voice and to show that Blacks did want to be employed even during Westward Expansion time when governments chose not to employ Black men. To show that once a Black man was willing to stand behind his child and show the child what's right from wrong and to stick up for his belongings that will be taken from them even after they have fought long and hard in the Civil War (just to be called a "Nigger Blue-Belly" and denied homestead) is long overdue. If you steal my horse, shouldn't I get it back! If you look at most films that expose the truth of Westward Expansion you will learn that the Native American men and the African American men were not allowed to ride up on horses into town and talk to any women because they were looked upon as savages to White men with homesteads. Plain and simple the women were for White men only. But, this film shows the opposite and it is by no means a tool to pull any race card. Long live Bill Cosby!!!!!!

Link to soundtrack review
JJ. Johnson - Man & Boy (1971)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Black Gunn (1972)


  • Jim Brown
  • Martin Landau
  • Brenda Sykes
  • Luciana Paluzzi
  • Vida Blue
Football great Jim Brown stars as Gunn, a tough and smart LA bar owner whose Black Revolutionary brother Scott is killed by a group of Black Revolutionaries. Gunn then goes on a rampage, killing all those that contributed to his brother's death. His search leads him to discover that elements with in the LA police department and the federal government are also involved in Scott's death.

Although it's not often discussed, "Black Gun" is a very enjoyable Blaxploitation flick. Jim Brown gives a surprisingly good performance as Gunn and veteran actor and Oscar winner Martin Landau is on hand as Capelli, giving a fine performance. And besides, its fun to watch actors such as Landau in cheep exploitation flicks. Director Robert Hartford-Davis does a commendable job in the director's chair as the action scenes are very well done and exiting. He also is able to direct a good amount of tension during a scene where Gunn confronts a drug dealer in a bowling alley. He doesn't handle some of the more mundane conversations as well, but luckily Jim Brown is there to pick up the slack. The score is also pretty cool, even if it is underutilized. It's much mellower and quite than the typical Blaxploitation score like "Shaft" and "Super Fly", but it works for the film none the less. The script is more than decent as well, it could have used some work, but its well paced and contains some great lines. Now, this is not a morally ambiguous movie in anyway, its pretty much an exploitation melodrama, so don't expect well drawn out or complex characters. However, for what "Black Gunn" is trying to accomplish the melodrama elements work to the film's favor. Over all this is a very good and really under-appreciated slice of Blaxploitation fun.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

David Shire - The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 (1974)

Highly Recommended
Not much of a Blaxploitation Soundtrack, but I think some of you may find this score very interesting.

01 Main Title (02:19)
02 The Taking (03:10)
03 Dolowitz Takes A Look/Dolowitz Gets Killed (02:21)
04 Blue And Green Talk (02:03)
05 Money Montage (03:13)
06 Fifty Seconds/The Money Express (04:32)
07 Conductor Killed/The Money Bag (01:46)
08 The Pelham's-Moving-Again-Blues (03:12)
09 I'm A Police Officer/Renewing Disguises/Goodbye Green, Hello Garber, Goodbye Hippie/Smoking More... (02:59)
10 Mini-Manhunt (01:56)
11 End Title (03:01)

Recorded July, 1974 at Burbank Studios, Hollywood, California

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