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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jive Turkey [a.k.a. Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes] (1974)

  • Curtis Price
  • Frank DeKova
  • Paul Harris
  • Frances E. Williams
  • Reginald Farmer
  • Don Edmondson
  • Larry Greene
  • Ernie Lee Banks
  • Karmello Brooks
This is what a grind house fan likes most a movie of the era that is not the best but a treat for some. It has it's moments with classic and forgotten songs of the area, one is especially timely of that style's vibe. And Sweetman was a slick numbers runner in the urban mafia who had to help his boss fight the Italian mob who wanted to take over the urban mafia. Not the best film but fun for a watch. It turns out the writers and director didn't go on to do many films after this. Sometime the plot gets confusing and not many of the actors ever went on to do much else. Could be why they changed the title is that it didn't do to well when released. As a fan of African American cinema in the 70's it still is a must to see them all, and the best ones are the ones in the early seventies. I guess this was shot right around 1973. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

was the soundtrack for this ever released? The movie posters list one, but all my searching turns up nothing. Would love to have the theme song, "7 come 11 you can all go to hell" awesome!

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