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Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Soul Brother [a.k.a. The Six Thousand Dollar Nigger] (1979)


  • Steve Gallon
  • Joycelyn Norris
  • Benny Latimore
  • Peter Conrad
The name says it all. You know going into it that this is going to be the biggest piece of blaxploitation garbage you've ever seen, and it is. But I disagree with the other poster that said it is not bad in a good way. Its badness is so bad that it redeems itself with pure laughter. There are so many noticeable mistakes and continuity errors that it just makes you laugh. Like when Super Soul Brother is utilized by the bad guys to lift a 3 ton safe - when he puts it in the car trunk the car doesn't move - they made no attempt to hide the fact that the safe was made out of cardboard. In a later seen, a midget in a suit appears out of nowhere, with no explanation of why he is there, and he is immediately killed (that appears to be the climax of the movie, but who would know??) There are many memorable lines as well. Who can forgot, "Drawers?? N----s don't wear drawers!" Or the classic song at the end, "6001, It's a N-----" I liked this movie a lot, there is tons of fun to be had here with a case of beers and a couple wise guys in the room.


KARMEN said...

OMG where did you find this? Never heard of it and I just had to look at it on this blog.

Have to see this

Josephine said...

I've seen this and it was hillarious.

Donna Lethal said...

I can't believe I've never seen this either! Great find.

T.Mills said...

What is the soundtrack song? Theartofaplayerdotcom

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