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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trick Baby (1973)


  • Kiel Martin
  • Mel Stewart
An interesting, extremely well-performed little movie about a pair of Philadelphia con artists who get more than they bargain for when they cross swords with a corrupt cop and the local Mafiosi.

Trick Baby begins well and builds up midway to a terrific foot-chase through the seamier side of the city. In the second half it starts to run out of steam and becomes a little predictable. Things are bogged down especially by a lengthy scene involving a preacher, who is the only character that strikes a false note. In spite of this the movie never loses one's attention completely. The cast down to the supporting players is excellent: Beverly Ballard particularly shines as a woman used and abused by slick operator White Folks (Kiel Martin) and Dallas Edward Hayes does terrific work as the ruthless and relentless cop.

The use of locations is terrific, and the movie has a rawness and immediacy utterly missing from thrillers today. Minor reservations aside, Trick Baby is well worth a look – 8/10.

Provided by G. Clinton


Keith said...

I've heard about this one from some buddies, but never had a chance to see it. Sounds pretty cool.

truelivin said...

Hey Self-Sci, is their a soundtrack for this movie?

HonestLee said...

Yeah, did they release the soundtrack for this. It was hot!

Funkback said...

Hope You guys don't mind me replyin' but I'm not aware of any officially released material from this. It doesnt' sound like the usual library material either and James Bond sounds like an Alias used for an arranger who coldn't use his real name at the time because of contractual reasons. I completely agree It's a hot soundtrack and it should be dug out from obscurity and released on it's own.

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