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Friday, September 19, 2008

Emma Mae aka Black Sister's Revenge (1976)

  • Jerri Hayes
  • Eddie Allen
  • Charles D. Brooks III
  • Malik Carter
A native young girl from the South moves in with her relatives in a Los Angeles ghetto. At first she is made fun of, but eventually she is accepted and plots to rob a bank to raise bail money for her new boyfriend, who is a jailed drug dealer.


Funkback said...

Link #5 was only 99% finished when this was posted and also corrupt. This has been taken care of now. Sincere appologies to all that downloaded the corrupt file. It's gone now. If You've got all the others allright and are looking for a short way to download the correct one you can go for the green Funkback in the post.

SelfScience said...

Thanks Funkback

El Conde de Montacristos said...

Thanks a lot for all this incredible work.

Ali Maltz said...

Hey I am going crazy, I have been trying to find the song from this movie, You know the Country Girl One. There is no Soundtrack, and I Checked there is no Credits for any of that kinda stuff. Since You are the King of Blaxploitation, I thought You would know? I would be happy to return the favor in the Shaw Brothers Department. Thanks So Much... Ali

Ket said...

Where can I download this movie from? I looked all over but I can't find a complete download in the internet. I am in greece and these things are hard to get. Any suggestions? Thanx a lot

Profit said...

Dude I uploaded a dvd-r version of this joint on cinemageddon a few weeks ago. Just lettin you know so you may be able to hook these cats up that don't have an account there with this flick. It is a must see and even Snoop Dogg gave it rave reviews. It is just a tight film through and through. By the way, check out cinemeageedon. The site is cold with everydamnthing you can imagine to download.
Be Peace with yourselves

Shadik Newkirk said...

I need a invite to that site Profit.

JY87lovePrince said...


I need an invite too...

Somebody invite me... lol.

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