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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Come Back, Charleston Blue (1972)

  • Godfrey Cambridge
  • Raymond St. Jacques
  • Peter De Anda
  • Percy Rodrigues
  • Jonelle Allen
  • Adam Wade
  • Philip Michael Thomas
  • Tamara Dobson (Uncredited)
Sequel to Cotton comes to Harlem. Another bad influence is hitting Harlem and Gravedigger and Coffin Ed are the two cops who will stop it. Charleston Blue was a prohibition era black gangster, dead 4 decades. When he seems to have reappeared, once again slitting throats with his Blue straight edge razors, the two cops begin a complicated search for some answers.

Link to soundtrack review:
Cotton comes to Harlem - Donny Hathaway & Quincy Jones (1972)


Mr. Wone said...

500GB Hard Drive at Office Depot? $500.00

100 DVD spindle to preserve and backup data? $25.00

Having Dragonetta contribute anything to BP? Priceless.

We're reaching the stratosphere right about now.


Silvers said...

Many thanks! I didn't even realize that there was a sequel to "Cotton.."!!

beeterfly said...

Wow what a unbelievable resource you guys are! Thanks!!!

Leonardo said...

But megaupload says I have to buy an account there to download this film...

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